Elder Druid + Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters Hit The Road!

Brace yourselves United Kingdom – the lands are about to rumble! The Elder Kush 2 Tour will soon be making four stops upon our boozy shores, traversing our sordid roads to bring the merry month of March to an uproarious close.

Having previously caught Northern Ireland’s Elder Druid when they opened the inaugural Emerald Haze Festival in Dublin back in ’17 I can vouch for the levels of destructive force erupting from this young quintet, tearing up a small crowd with their relentless battery and made one hell of an impression for those of us who turned up early. Back then they were gearing up for the release of Carmina Satanae, their debut long-player which needless to say was a triumphantly bludgeoning affair; still hot on that album’s trail their short stint on our shores will no doubt prove as memorable as that night back in Dublin.

They’ll be bringing London’s very own band of psychedelic hallucinogenic vagrants Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters, still on fire from last year’s immensely cool Come & Chutney, along for the ride. As grimy as any dark alley in dirty ol’ London-town, CTBKM live and breathe in a melting pot of smoke-addled grooves and make for the perfect counter for their comrade’s crushing vitriol.






The tour dates are as follows:

28.03: The Arches – Coventry w/Damn Craters

29.03: The Moon – Cardiff w/Lacertilia

30.03: Rebellion – Manchester (Riffolution Fest w/Belzebong, The Necromancers, Elephant Tree, and many more)

31.03: The Black Heart – London w/Gnob



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