Gatekeeper + Sanhedrin Hit The Road!

Yes this might be short notice on my end (after recently decided I would do what little promotion I can for live shows) but rest assured this immensely cool tour has been circulating the social media jungle for some time: as part of their stint in Europe promoting new material, Canada’s kings of epic heavy metal Gatekeeper and Brooklyn’s mightiest new trio Sanhedrin will be hitting up four dates in the UK next week – so you best act fast!

Barely ten months have gone by since Gatekeeper tore the world a new one with their hotly anticipated debut album East of Sun – firmly raising the quintet alongside their European counterparts Atlantean Kodex as one of the genre’s finest connoisseurs of the riff – but they are back with new material. Last month’s Grey Maiden EP packaged their incredible range into just a 20-minute exercise in ingenuity, and closed with a neat cover from Wales’ very own Tredegar (formed in ’82 after Ray Phillips and Tony Bourge parted from Budgie). If it hasn’t cemented the band as part of your disc rotation then why the hell not?

Released on the same day (through the same label, the always reputable Cruz del Sur Music), Sanhedrin’s sophomore album The Poisoner taps deeper into the well of souls- err, I mean classical doom and heavy metal. Their’s is an intoxicating brew of early Priest, Maiden, Pentagram, and Slough Feg – what more could anyone possible ask for? It’s an album that neither disappoints nor rides too heavily on its influences; filled with superb songwriting and choruses you can’t help but sing along too (I’ve personally had ‘The Getaway’ in my head for weeks now).

With a killer regional lineup across the country with some of our own best and brightest it’s a string of shows you really don’t want to miss.






The tour dates are as follows:

18.03: The Star and Garter – Manchester w/Eliminator

19.03: Bannermans – Edinburgh w/Midnight Force

20.03: Trillians – Newcastle w/Culloden

21.03: The Dev (moved from The Black Heart) – London w/Brule



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