Sonic Transmission: Red Stone Chapel – Squid Limbo

If a band influenced by “BLUES, BEER, and BBQ” isn’t enough to make you reach into the fridge for a cold beverage of your favourite brew before hitting that there play button with a savage grin on your face, then perhaps this introduction to new song ‘Squid Limbo’ will tickle your fancy (and beards, real or imaginary):

It’s kind of like a picture of Nietzsche on coke having a threesome with Kratos from God of War and H. R. Giger in the library of Alexandria“.

This Southern-swamp fest by way of Marburg, Germany marks a meaty return to the front by Red Stone Chapel, their thirst for knowledge soon to be exacted upon the unsuspecting public by Argonauta Records later in the year by name of Omega Boombox. And boom does this box go! With a much cleaner production value than their 2016 EP The Damagecreek Sessions this behemoth of chunky riffs, whiskey-drenched bonesaw vocals, and thumping rhythms throttles the stomping ground where it stands. With each verse building into something purely bombastic there’s nothing but glee struck upon the face as Dimi contorts his lyrics with all the swagger of a man who knows exactly what he is doing. The confidence in the material is beyond infectious, as are the grooves upon which this bruiser is built on. No doubt this will be a record no one can stand still too!



Follow the band here.

You can listen to The Damagecreek Sessions here.

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