Sonic Transmission: Horseburner – Hand of Gold, Man of Stone

“It’s loud, it’s aggressive, it’s a little weird… it’s also the shortest song” writes a band who have only gone from strength to strength since their inception a decade ago; such words could not have been more apt in describing the latest masterclass of songwriting and execution these guys are becoming known for. And if you have yet to experience the sincere genius of their earlier material, particularly 2016’s Dead Seeds, Barren Soil, one of the years finest records, then what the hell have you been doing with yourself? When it comes down to it, Horseburner know a thing or two about blistering sonic perfection, and with ‘Hand of Gold, Man of Stone’ they’re set to push this knowledge to the outer limits with the release of their Ripple Music debut The Thief, set for world domination on August 9th.

I understand just writing appears to be utterly sycophantic but trust in knowing this is all warranted. There’s an unbridled energy galloping from the moment those wailing guitars pierce the silence and Adam Nohe’s primal old-school battery kicks in, all of which never lets up until its final breath. This sort of powerful roundhouse kick to the chest keeps the heart racing in a bid to keep up with these guys, who by now are poised to join the running with the big leagues. Vigorously heavy and irresistibly dynamic, ‘Hand of Gold, Man of Stone’ is enough to reach in and drag you out from the sullen humdrum depths of the real world and into some kind of sonic nirvana, and an excellent introduction to the talents of Nohe, Jack Thomas, Seth Bostick, and Zach Kauffman if this is indeed your first time. Just imagine how the rest of the album will sound!



Follow the band here.

You can (eventually) preorder The Thief here.

Be sure to indulge on their jaw-dropping back catalogue here.

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