Video Transmission: Gurt – Rolling Stoned

Is it a coincidence a song about weed and rolling and weed and joints and some more weed clocks in at four minutes and twenty seconds? Of course it bloody isn’t! This bong hit straight out of the London sewers comes courtesy of the fiendishly pungent Gurt, a walking-talking-smoking hybrid of menace, hilarity, and bludgeoning cacophonies. With the countdown now official for their third full tome of marijuana puns and rolling sludge-tastic grooves Bongs of Praise, it is time to once again bathe ourselves in the green ditchwater, light up, and die high – like, really fucking high – before being rolled up all the way to hell. ‘Rolling Stoned’ is our first rip of the record, due out September 6th via When Planets Collide.

Like their Canadian counterparts in Dopethrone, Gurt are masters at keeping short, sharp doses of repetitive and minimal components interesting, fun, and ridiculously contagious. The fat, pummeling groove central to this dirge-fest is as no-thrills as they come but superbly wets the appetite of even the more voracious brawlers. Lyrically and vocally they achieve the same feat, resulting in a direct punch to the mouth which leaves a lingering taste of blood right in the back of the throat, spat out every time you shout  the grin-inducing words right back at Growth Kelly and his cohorts. Damn does it taste good! This is one of those songs you can vividly visualise: some dank London club, the overhead lighting, the sight and stench of sweaty doommongers moshing and thrashing about – basically the idea of a fun night out.

Burnt onto your retinas is the boudacious artwork from returning collaborator Mark Williams of Heavy Hand Design, all put together with salivating care and attention by Clem Colt. Like its accompanying track it revels in its simplicity and is quite a sight to behold. You’d be a fool to not dig this!



Follow the band here.

You can preorder Bongs of Praise here.

Be sure to check Gurt’s back catalogue here, and the short’n’sweet video for ‘Jazz Cabbage’ here.

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