Sonic Transmission: Firebreather – Dancing Flames

It surely cannot be a coincidence but at the time of writing my neck o’ the woods has been blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the fleeting majesty of a blood red moon courtesy of a lunar eclipse; lighting up the Suffolk sky with its ominous hues its slow envelopment into shadow was nothing short of entrancing, a spectacle even. An omen perhaps? If it is, then surely it is of grand things to come, for the dropping of new single ‘Dancing Flames’ from Gothenburg’s Firebreather is as overworldly as it is foreboding; a grandiose conflagration spreading across the mountains, the opener to new album Under A Blood Moon chokes everything in the path of its billowing smog and intense heat. What’s more, it serves as a macabre portent too alluring for anyone to pass up – just try not to stare into it for too long!

Just look at the impending doom emblazoned on the album’s cover! Enthralling, dark, heavy, menacing – everything the genre promises lovingly presented in one solitary image; it is also everything ‘Dancing Flames’ promises and delivers in monumental fashion. Clocking in at a gargantuan ten minutes, this dirge inferno is a relentlessly unstoppable barrage of monolithic riffs descending down from the church of High on Fire; Mattias Nööjd’s gruff, primordial bellows erupt like those originating from a giant beast; Axel Wittbeck proving himself to be a goliath behind the kit in his first studio appearance. As bludgeoning as it is, there is a serenity to be found here, embedded deep within the mix: perhaps it is the sound of Gaia righting all the wrongs inflicted upon her with complete devastation; or maybe it is the supremacy of how the track’s constituent parts blend so harmoniously together. This is sure to be a monster to keep all eyes on leading up to its September 27th release date via Riding Easy Records!



Follow the band here.

You can preorder the album here.

Be sure to breathe in their intoxicating fires on their debut record here.


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