Sonic Transmission: Bison Machine – The Tower

It’s been a goddamn eternity since ‘Cloak & Bones’ was birthed to a world in need of sonic salvation – a frenetic blast of unearthed ’70s riffs long forgotten to the general public clung on to by music aficionados the globe over, its high-octane surges of power enough to keep Michigan lit up on the state’s darkest days. Yes, three years constitutes an eternity when new music has been craved by the minds of many in need of a fix from their neighbourhood-friendly Bison Machine. Just when hope seemed all but lost their blessed bluesy touch strikes like a lightning bolt on a dreary planet, igniting more wildfires than a California summer, renewing the land for its indelible presence to be felt once more. It’s nothing short of a miracle, and if Seas of Titan is as triumphant as both its stellar Alan Forbes masterpiece adorning the sleeve and its Budgie-meets-Captain-Beyond headspace on new single ‘The Tower’ then Hamtramck’s finest will usher in a return to the beautiful groove Earth sorely needs.

Grounded on a solid foundation of name-as-many-’70s-bands-as-humanly-possible but with its heart and mind aimed towards our cosmic backyard, ‘The Tower’ finds Bison Machine honing a wizardry nine years in the making; a peerless sorcery nearing true perfection, the six minutes cast from the quartet’s tome unravels the nature of time and space itself and reveals the musical truths we all yearn to find. Yes, this is what soul-searching sounds like. Every one of Casey O’ryan’s licks is exquisitely pulled off, their interplay with Anthony Franchina’s throbbing basslines and Breck Crandell’s chasing psych-outs behind the kit is beyond eye-opening. There is a warmth here many of those familiar with Kadavar and Witchcraft will find reassuring, comforting even, as they tune in to the frequencies guided by Tom Stec’s hypnotic vocals. Salvation lies within this immaculate amalgamation, within each layer of the every conceivable dimension it opens up. You might even uncover your own deeper connection to music! Small Stone Records will assist the band in their deliverance of such an exemplary gift on September 27.



You can follow the band here.

Be sure to preorder your copy of Seas of Titan here.

Whilst you’re here, check out Bison Machine’s back catalogue here.

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