Sonic Transmission: Ecstatic Vision – Grasping the Void

So I’m a little behind on this one. Big woop. Who gives a doodle. Yes, you read that correctly, as a statement and not as a question. The fact of the matter is the European home of mind-melting fuzz Heavy Psych Sounds will be the launchpad for not one but two Ecstatic Vision trips come September: a re-release of 2015’s classic debut Sonic Praise shall be succeeded by what many might call the most anticipated acid trip of the year – For The Masses, out September 20. Such a bold title might leave one apprehensive (the very notion of H&M stocking and selling an overpriced EV tee for your new-fangled peace-sign-waving hippie freaks makes one quiver in fear) but Ecstatic Vision are the real deal, the true successors to Hawkwind, the maestros of the raw, boundary-breaking door-kicking alterations of consciousness. If the masses tried as they might at ‘Grasping the Void’ their world would fall apart.

Hailing the end of their third record, ‘Grasping the Void’ packs every single Ecstatic Vision trope into the most interdimensional seven minutes of kaleidoscopic krautrock this side of the sun. Fuzzy, driving, completely off-the-rails, this transcendental composition completely bends the fabric of light itself, contorting it into an unrecognisable yet lucid projection of, well, every conceivable thing. Their imagination appears to know no limits; with the rougher Troglodyde edge from 2017’s Raw Rock Fury all but absent the music seems even freer than previously comprehended (if you’ve not checked out that particular masterpiece then you should go to correct that after reading this), and pushes the limits of what four tripped-out dudes can do. It does more than grasp the void, it howls deep into it shaking it to the very core and illuminating it until the word ‘void’ is meaningless. Such vibes might be too much for the masses to handle, but I’d love to see them try!



Follow the band here.

Be sure to get your preorders in here. You can also preorder the Sonic Praise reissue here.

There’s lots more kosmiche psych magick to be uncovered PLUS the option to preorder the digital album here. A steal!



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