Video Transmission: Old Blood – Orbit

Enter the realm of madness, of bittersweet violence, of apoplectic delirium. The maniacal presence you feel breathing down the nape of your neck engulfs the darkness with utmost immediacy, twisting the emptiness inside out with the screams of all those poor unfortunate souls long trapped in this cage, singeing your skin and lashing your mind like a thousand forked tongues that have long prepared for this moment. Swift and precise is the onslaught but within these four walls it is a lifetime, never to end until it drags you into the other side. Resist all you want, for the longer you struggle their victory becomes all the more sweeter. Trust in that there is nothing to fear here, for the blossoming insanity and salacious temptation is nothing short of tantalizing, exquisite even. Old Blood have such sights to show you, little one, and a smorgasbord of treasures to taste. All you have to do is give in to the bitter end.

Now, this is not to say their brand of rapturous, soul-igniting rock’n’roll will derange you in the ways the old coots of the past believed Elvis and his hips would, but throughout their illustrious yet young career Old Blood, unlike any current group out there, have led many astray with their devilish swagger, sultry magic, and fiery performances – if ‘Orbit’ is anything to go by, then Acid Doom will be no different. New vocalist Lynx is in an element all of her own, a scintillating execution of bewitchment not only when those keys ink their classy jive into your soul but more so when the heaviness roars into overdrive. If the Glass Jar-era Black Moth vibes of ‘Veinscraper’ hadn’t sold you on a post-Feathers Old Blood then this sure as hell will pull you in hook line and sinker. There is no resistance. And the murderous B-movie that accompanies this? It drips blood the same way this L.A. outfit drips cool – everywhere. I don’t know about you but I love my doom to drip with just as much blood. This is a band yet to reach full bloom, can you imagine what that would look like? Coming courtesy of Metal Assault Records and DHU Records on August 28, Acid Doom will bring us one step closer towards finding out

The hype that has built around this band as of late is very, very real, and to say¬†Acid Doom is highly anticipated is a firm understatement. If ‘Orbit’ has escaped your attention then now is the time to right the wrong and let them there forked tongues do their job – for on the other side lies a world rich in sensual energy and howling fire. No, it isn’t hell. Nor is it Twin Peaks. But you’re not far off.



You can follow the band here.

Be sure to preorder Acid Doom here, and through DHU Records here.

Delve deeper into the new Old Blood with ‘Veinscraper’ here.

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