Sonic Transmission: Alunah – Strange Machine

Feeling every individual fibre of the shag rug getting cosy with your fingers and dancing in between your toes, you become lured deeper toward the carnivalistic shindig miles beneath the captivating lights high above – the ones you’ve been transfixed by ever since you sat down – whilst every word your compatriots utter brushes past your cheeks like convivial electricity. You’re only sat with Hawkwind you lucky son-of-a-bitch, vibing to whatever Purson/Rosalie Cunningham record came to hand first, and the colours bleed in and out of the walls and orifices around you with every passing second y’all click to the music. Yep, the blotters have kicked in by now, but know that no matter where this dalliance into the carpet takes you, it is nothing compared to the sights and sounds Alunah have in store for you. Dare you enter the Strange Machine?

Heralding your arrival into this bizarre contraption where our notions of extraordinary are its humdrum thoroughfare, the whirring of synths explode into this bombastic boundless riff accompanied by Sian Greenaway’s otherworldly gravitas, a powerful call from beyond the event horizon pulling you deeper into its frighteningly hot abyss until the spaghettification of your very being intensifies. It’s a bold, commanding statement of what surely lies ahead, hooking itself into your skin with one catchy rhythm after another; bolstered by the sheer magnitude of its production ‘Strange Machine’ is more primal and furiously heavier than what has proceeded it, pushing the core of Alunah‘s convictions deeper into the known universe with rocket-fuelled propulsion. And as for that chorus? Prepare to be dumbfounded mere mortals, for this is one hell of a freakin’ rockstar performance!

2022 will shape up to be Alunah‘s year if this freeing showstopper is anything to go by: supporting Paradise Lost beginning this weekend followed by – well how about that – March dates with Rosalie Cunningham, Heavy Psych Sounds will release Strange Machine shortly after on April 15 so don’t dilly dally about and catch this wave now before it sweeps you up by force.

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