Lunavieja – Lunavieja

You are not alone. The flickering of the flames reflected in her eyes burns as bright as the conflagration separating you from her realm, an open portal to the other side. Transfixed on her inhuman gaze the words fleeing her mouth appear to take refuge in your mind from every direction as if she were simply mouthing in perfect sync with the unseen. Alas she speaks in tongues. Her voice chants louder, piercing the enveloping air and shattering the stillness of the night as you feel eyes stare you down from beyond the dark, eyes that grow in numbers. From beyond the fire she dances, betwixt by some unknown entity, possessed by earthly horrors that have long plagued these lands. You feel those horrors grow in numbers, their malformed faces echoing her words and taking their places around this unholy fire. ‘Unguentum Sabbati’ alone evokes the sensation that you are not alone, and that’s before Lunavieja’s debut slice of shamanic doom even begins…

So captivating, so bewitching is the ayahuasca-laced voyage Spain’s Lunavieja entices you on that the very semblance of normality, of sanity, becomes a distant memory – but it is a memory you’ll be clinging on to for dear life.  Lunavieja is not the flowery venture beyond the doors of perception; instead, it is a menacing descent into a world long lost to the corrupt banalties of the modern life architecture, one riddled with overwhelming hostility and resentful shadows longing for total reclamation of what is theirs. Cloaked in witchcraft and unnerving atmospheres smouldering with an intense evil, the record simultaneously leaves you rigid in bewilderment and animates your very being with feral grooves and mythic ritualistic mantras sung with tormented fervour. These are the demented spells and curses passed down through the centuries coming back to life with a vengeance.

From the offset the portentous doom fires from all cylinders with one foot in the graves of the olden ways of the riff with the other treading the haunting domain of archaic horrors. With the dimly lit passage bridging ‘Mal de Luna’s brooding riffs and dungeon celestiia cutting ‘Desdoblamiento’s air with a knife, the album is steeped in a sinister dread with enough clout to fill your head with a folkloric delerium. Yet this isn’t Lunavieja‘s most menacing trick up its sleeve, for the diabolical lamentations in ‘La Guestia’ and ‘H├ęcate’ rise up from the pits of hell with unquestionable malice, penetrating beyond the monolithic rhythms deep into your dreams where they are fated to fester. With you fully ensnared in their grasp the harrowing cries of burning bodies against ‘La Quema’s epic doommongering are now free to roam in your subconscious mind for years to come.

A powerful and enthralling voyage into the spiritual boneyards of the past, in terms of both musical aesthetic and spectral dominion, Lunavieja‘s debut packs a monstrously copious amount of love and detail into its earthen tome, quenching its thirst by draining your vessel of its tenuous foothold in a unflinchingly apocalytpic world. It’s heavy and majestic for sure, but it grabs you by the psyche and leaves you wandering a land ruled by apparitions that would love to see you become one of them – a terrifying price to pay for this wickedly infectious gem of a record. It’s hold is formidable, and its awe-inducing visions are a sight to behold, making this a valiant effort for a young band who, should their own fates agree, are poised for an unholy ascension.

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