Video Transmission: This Summit Fever – The Beyond

Homely is the inner sanctum: a place of comfort to escape the unnecessary evils plaguing our daily cohabitation on this mortal coil; a place we wholly entrust our safety, our vulnerability, where we can put down the mask and freely be ourselves. Alas, with every temporal motion made forward we are aware this is far from a reliable sanctuary, for this shelter can easily become compromised by our own worst enemies: ourselves. All too easy can those sturdy walls crumble, relinquished to oblivion, leaving us to crawl out of the rubble. The will to survive, however, knows no physical boundaries to its incredible power, and it takes more than broken bricks to deter its conquering might. British duo This Summit Fever know this all too well and their glorious rapture The Beyond is a groove-laden offering to the soul, reminding us all we can, and will, overcome the darkest of days.

Two dudes vanquishing their demons deep within their own mental recesses, jamming together with nothing other than triumph and determination on their faces? What more could we possibly ask for! So simple is their primal set up yet the impact of every driving hook – of which there are plenty – lands with such ear-shattering force we are compelled to join Andy Blackburn and JimMcSorley in their space and compel the demons out with a roar and a jump or twelve. Their energy is as contagious as the sharpness of each hook digging deep into the flesh, each one vying to release us from our own prisons towards freedom; so reluctant are they to leave us in our time of need that by song’s end we cannot help but surrender and find solace in the release in each of Blackburn’s final expulsions.

Herein lies the genius, the wonder of music ladies and gentleman and everyone inbetween and beyond: catching us hook, line, and sinker with devastatingly powerful ramifications, The Beyond‘s aim is true, direct, and as uncomplicated as you could get. But holy hell does this short, sharp blast of positivity stick around rent-free in your head long after it finishes! This Summit Fever have a bright future ahead of themselves, whose music you can safely rely on to guide us out into the light.

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