The Maryland Doom Fest Preview: Day 3

Tomorrow. 4 Days of Doom will be kicking off in spectacular fashion tomorrow. But dear reader, this is not the guide for that glorious Thursday, (though that is just a couple of pages back); this is a rundown for your Saturday – a day which promises to lay the devastation out thick and thin, reducing us to mere rubble before building us back up in time to let loose our inner animals and go crazier than we ever have done. This is an invitation for reckless fun, where the only consequences will be whether or not we’ll be left standing in time for the finale, how light our wallets will be, and how many people we’ll be embarassing ourselves in front of (that last one is specifically aimed at yours truly)! Who else is ready to party?

Faces of Bayon

Beset by a hangover from the Friday night? Need a wake-up call? Or are you just a glutton for bone-rattling and cataclysmically heavy destruction? Because Fitchburg’s Faces of Bayon serve up the kind of barbaric trudge that buries whole towns and obliterates all organic matter to dust. Like having your face repeatedly smashed by a colossal slab of concrete, there’s nothing subtle about the devastatingly relentless bludgeoning carried out by Quantum Life, The Original Sin, and Brimstoned as well as practically everything else these lords of chaos do. Be prepared Frederick, this is some primo doom right here!

Be sure to catch Faces of Bayon opening Olde Mother Brewing @ 16:15 – 16:55

Latest Release: Ash and Dust Have No Dominion (Self-Released, 2015)

Indus Valley Kings

Groovin’ out with a record so new you can still make out that new vinyl smell, Indus Valley Kings bust out hooks and riffs like they’re going out of fashion – think a brawny lovechild between Beastmaker and Corrosion of Conformity and you wouldn’t be too far off! With enougher swagger to take down a fully-grown giant, this New York trio embiggen even the smallest human with their noble spirit- I mean their no-holds-barred attitude and fervantly bluesy demeanour. It takes a whole bunch to be cool and mean serious business and IVK boast this in spades! If you’re wanting to get amped up to take on the impossible, these are gonna be your go-to guys!

Be sure to catch Indus Valley Kings @ Olde Mother Brewing 17:15 – 17:55

Latest Release: Origins (Self-Released, 2022)

Grave Next Door

The graves next door have been vacated, and their occupants, who know a thing or two about rock’n’roll, have descended upon the unsuspecting public; they do not, however, tear chunks of flesh straight off the the bone – that is a job for their freshly buried axe-slinging! The backwoods doom of Michigan’s Grave Next Door is about to run amok and there’s nothing nobody can do to stop it; once exposed to it your best bet is to crack open a beer and let the menace addle your brain! So if you’ve picked up an earthen musk in the air and the townsfolk have fallen under an eerie headbanging trance, odds are you’ve stumbled upon a GND show … won’t you join us?

Be sure to catch Grave Next Door opening Cafe 611 @ 17:30 – 18:10

Latest Release: Sanctified Heathen (Black Doomba Records, 2022)

Fox 45

The blistering heat of the summer sun is gonna radiate by the time Rochester’s Fox 45 take to the stage, mostly because their rich psychedelic frequencies are clearly imbued with solar flares – bright and lurid but at their apex they light up the sky with such electrifying force it’ll blind you! Tapping into their lysergic energies is gonna make for one hell of a trip, as A Tiger In The Ivy and Awake In The Dark (alongside a whole hypnotic tapestry of material) erupt like the Aurora Borealis – at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localised entirely with Olde Mother Brewing. Prepare to merge through dimensions, for this makes for the perfect gateway to tune in to a higher power.

Be sure to catch Fox 45 @ Olde Mother Brewing 18:15 – 18:55

Latest Release: The Nature of Paper (Self-Released, 2020)

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Grave Bathers

If Fox 45 weave you all with the interconnectedness of the universe then Philly’s Grave Bathers will blast you back to earth for nights upon nights of endless sleaze, debauchery, and enough psychotropics to give Timothy Leary a hard-on! Cafe 611 is gonna need a breather when once this agents of acid-drenched carnage are done getting our freaks on; with a new album just weeks away we can be sure an early treat is on the cards, especially given the frenetic majesty of lead single Ghost ‘Em All. This isn’t gonna be some cutesy throwback to the heady days of the 60s – this my friends is Raoul Duke let loose in the casino levels of crazy, except nothing in that inventory is gonna match what these guys are gonna bring!

Be sure to catch Grave Bathers @ Cafe 611 18:30 – 19:10

Latest Release: Ghost ‘Em All (Self-Released, 2021)


And the spiral downwards continues, except this time you’re hurtling through the twisted and colossal dark at breackneck speed, your soul and body lacerated by Shy Kennedy’s relentless howl, and the fall seems endless. Horehound may just be the bleakest band on this years bill but their heaviness knows no bounds and no matter how suffocating and oppressive Holocene and Collapse get there is always salvation and rejuvenation at the end of every listen. A purging of just about every torment consuming us, Pitsburgh’s heaviest battering ram’s onslaught of the senses is poised to be the most freeing experience of the weekend, even if it means staring the darkness head on. Not to be missed!

Be sure to catch Horehound @ Old Mother Brewing 19:15 – 19:55

Latest Release: Collapse (Blackseed Productions, 2022)

Thunderbird Divine

Psychedelic furor as heavy as Erik Caplan’s most luxorious head of hair? What’s not to love? Kicking things up several thousand notchs into overdrive, Philly’s Thunderbird Divine are as stellar as their name suggests: brandishing an unlimited arsenal of cosmic tricks up their sleeves with all the majesty and exuberance of timeless mages, this mind-bending collective make warping the fabric of sound and space look like childs play, with ’88 Testadoon, Til Shiloh, and The Devil’s Hatband being just a taster of their most righteous power! An earth-shattering display of sage wisdom passed down through the aeons, if your consciousness hasn’t already expanded beyond all-known reaches then it’s not gonna know what’s hit it!

Be sure to catch Thunderbird Divine @ Cafe 611 19:30 – 20:10

Latest Release: The Hand of Man (Salt of the Earth Records, 2020)

Almost Honest

When a band describes themselves as sexy viking funk doom rock, what is your immediate reaction? The correct response is diving head first into whatever they’ve got to boot and man oh man do Pennsylvania’s Almost Honest deliver the goods! Strutting their stuff with endless shades of cool their stonerific groove possesses minds and bodies the way the powers that be feared Elvis’ gyrating hips would send teenagers giving in to wanton lust – except the only things we’ll be giving in to is our desires to party like it was our last night on earth! Master songwriters destined to take the world by storm, consider these the scene’s bestkept secret!

Be sure to catch Almost Honest @ Olde Mother Brewing 20:15 – 20:55

Latest Release: Seiches and Sirens (Self-Released, 2019)


Practically everything about showrunner JB Matson’s newest project has been kept underwraps (possibly except for those who have been to their shows), as nothing but a tracklist for their upcoming record waiting to be recorded has been unleashed. Yet you have it on good authority that this is precisely what you would expect when you get members from War Injun, Earthride, and Slippery Pot Pie in the same room together! Expect the most headbangerist time you could possibly ack for and then some!

Be sure to catch Bloodshot @ Cafe 611 20:30 – 21:15

Latest Release: TBA

The Age of Truth

You wouldn’t know it, because I did not release my Albums of the Year last year, but only one album bested Resolute to take the crown (any guesses?); what The Age of Truth crafted with their sophomore release was nothing short of triumphant, passionate, and jaw-droppingly epic! These guys wield atmosphere and crushing yet melodious heaviness like veterans from a bygone age, throwing all their might behind a barrage of marching riffs and anthemic rhythms that stir up all manner of feelings when blasted out at eleven. The roof at Olde Mother Brewing will be raised alright, raised, levelled, and in need of repair. So will the foundations, and so will the beer supply.

Be sure to catch The Age of Truth headline Olde Mother Brewing @ 21:15 – 22:00

Latest Release: Resolute (Self-Released, 2021)

Lost Breed

Los Angeles’ Lost Breed go way, way back, with ’89’s Wino Daze demo and ’93’s The Evil In You And Me considered legendary, quintessential listening for any doomfiend – but of course you don’t need me to tell you this! The kings of electric, having kept their iconic sound pumping through their veins, will be sending Cafe 611 back to a time when that classic doom sound was at the top of its game, when tombstone-led heaviness carved its intitials deep into our threads and has remained, sun-aged, withstanding the test of time; last year’s Speak No Evil remains testament to this adage I totally made up. And wouldn’t it be rad if Wino casually dropped in for a song or three?

Be sure to catch Lost Breed @ Cafe 611 21:45 – 22:25

Latest Release: Speak No Evil (SPL Records, 2021)

Formula 400

Heathens is perfection, ’nuff said! There’s nary a leather-clad soul who will refuse to let loose and sing along to the likes of Light My Way, Ridin’ Easy, and Sun Destroyer, just a smidgen of the free-spirited asphalt-kickin’ anthems Formula 400‘s debut record is loaded with. You can smell the burning rubber from the get-go; the roar of their shovelhead engines unmistakeable, these high-rollin’ dudes are hot-footing it out of California to turn Cafe 611 into a utopian den of of leather, booze, and god knows what else! There are shindigs, and then there are Formula 400 shindigs, a pilgrimage for anyone for whom life on the road is the only way of life – and us!

Be sure to catch Formula 400 @ Cafe 611 22:45 – 23:30

Latest Release: Heathens (Self-Released, 2020)


And if you thought nothing could top a Formula 400 party then you are wrong my friends! ZED play rock’n’roll the way it was meant to: loud, mean yet free-lovin’, and with more soul than anyone has any right knowing what to do with! Bluesy and boozy beyond contention, it is a crime these guys are not living the world-tour lifestyle, setting whole cities across the world on fire with their high-octane performances, LEGO-based or otherwise! These guys are all about the good times, and boy do they bring them by the craterful, guaranteeing the likelihood we’ll all be leaving the night in high-spirits, drunk on their might if nothing else, and leaving us to piece ourselves together the following day…

Be sure to catch ZED headline Cafe 611 @ 23:50 – 01:15

Latest Release: Volume (Ripple Music, 2019)

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