London Doom Collective Announce Masters of the Riff II

Just as Channel 4 began airing another early episode of Frasier, and I sat to a breakfast of not tossed salad and scrambled eggs, my day off was made even further with an announcement straight from the London Doom Collective camp: MASTERS OF THE RIFF returns for a sequel!

Upon the first weekend of March, denizens of the riff will flock to Oslo Hackney for three days of stupefying heaviness and pummelling shindiggery courtesy of those loveable heathens crawling from the depths of the country’s mortally imbibed underground. From this initial announcement, no amount of coffee could cure the inevitable goliath hangovers looming – so hair of the dog it shall be!

Just to give you an idea of just what y’all be getting yourselves in to, the first announcement includes the following brazen bunch of riffmongers:

Included in this announcement comes the promise of a “few extra surprises” to make this one rifftastic event. Way to keep us on our toes guys! For the time being you could always check out the bands above or click them buttons below for links to tickets as well as the Facebook event page. Even in these troubled times £55 is an absolute steal for three days of mayhem! And with a Desertfest ’23 announcement due in five days, next year is gonna shape up to be the one my neck dies…

Don’t forget to keep yer neighbours up!

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