Ridin’ The Dunes ’22: The Playlist

Just when you thought you had left 2022 in the rearview mirror, ridin’ full throttle into the daunting new order 2023 has to offer, some bozo with bourbon in hand jumps out like some mid-2000s jumps-scare on speed to remind y’all of all the awesome tunes which made the previous 12 months bearable. Just like said jump-scare very little consideration has gone into how much this inconveniences you, nor does it frankly care; 2023 has proven to be one laced in ennui while simultaneously hurtling at warp-speed toward oblivion faster than any of us can say “holy shit isn’t that Love Gang record grand!”, and as February peers from under the bed with insidious eyes maybe shielding our eyes with the quilt all those damn fine records made out of 2022 isn’t so much of a bad thing?

A full Top 40 article is in the works, but for now tune in to the playlist below to count down Your Buddy Ibex’s Top 100 records of the year. The following are choice cuts from those records, and not a representation of the Top 100 SONGS of the Year – such a list would be totally unrecognisable from the one you see before you today!

La Querma; LunaviejaLunavieja (Spinda Records / Quebranta Records)
Sweet Tea, Banana Bread; Green Hog Band Crypt of Doom (The Swamp Records)
The Future of the Past; Gramma Vedetta The Hum of the Machine (Mandrone Records)
Redeemer; FostermotherThe Ocean (Ripple Music)
Elden; Gaupa Myriad (Nuclear Blast)
Death to the Red Sun; Earthless Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Nuclear Blast)
Devastator; Hebi KatanaImpermanence (Argonauta Records)
Waste of Mind; Void MoonWaste of Mind (Obelisk Polaris Productions)
The Future of Mankind; Godzilla in the Kitchen Exodus (Argonauta Records)
Diablo IV – Mammoth VolumeThe Cursed Who Perform the Larvagod Rites (Blues Funeral Recordings)

Dig Your Own Grave; The Crooked WhispersLast Call From Hell (Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records)
Erotic Pleasures in the Catacombs; FulannoLast Call From Hell (Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records)
Dead and Gone; LáGoonBury Me Where I Drop (Electric Valley Records)
Crisco Kid; Smoke WizzzardFaster Than the Speed of Time (Self-Released)
Templed of Drugged Sorceries; Black Spell Season of the Damned (Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records)
Atomic Tide; Red MessBreathtaker (All Good Clean Records)
Relentless; Las CrucesCosmic Tears (Ripple Music)
Get Life; Acid Row Afterglow (Self-Released)
Sandstorm; High Noon KahunaKilling Spree (Self-Released)
The Observer; Dirt ForgeInterspheral (Majestic Mountain Records)
Omniscient Messiah; Sons of ArrakisVolume I (Self-Released)

(Realise) We Are Not Real; JosiahWe Lay on Cold Stone (Blues Funeral Recordings)
Have Mercy, Show Mercy; Problem With Dragons Accelerationist (Global Zero Records)
Scum Like You; Come to GriefWhen the World Dies (Translation Loss Records)
Telescope; Howard Event Horizon (Delta Fuzz Electronics)
The Taker; The Riven Peace and Conflict (The Sign Records)
Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You; Black MirrorsTomorrow Will be Without Us (Napalm Records)
Chariot of the Sun – To Phaeton on the Occasion of Sunrise (Theme from an Imagined Movie); MotorpsychoAncient Astronauts (Stickman Records / Rune Grammfon)
The Spiral; KryptografThe Eldorado Spell (Apollon Records)
Uncharted Realms; Greenseeker The Wish (StoneFly Records)
Eye of Doom Pt. 1; Eye of DoomThe Sapient (Majestic Mountain Records)

Tornet XVI; Tornet Domedagar (Majestic Mountain Records)
Running Man; ZomFear and Failure (StoneFly Records)
Sword on Fire; HorehoundCollapse (Blackseed Records)
Pesak; GavranIndistinct Beacon (dunk!records)
Awaken; Black Lung Dark Waves (Heavy Psych Sounds)
The Knowing; Mount SaturnO, Great Moon (Self-Released)
Jaguar; Kurokuma Born of Obsidian (Self-Released)
Shepherds on the Roadside; Vitskär SüdenThe Faceless King (Ripple Music)
Existential Blues; NebulaTransmission from Mothership Earth (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Luciferian Rite; Hazemaze Blinded by the Wicked (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Godkiller; Green KingHidden Beyond Time (The Sign Records)
Take Me Out; Deadeye NavigatorRetronoid (Self-Released)
Sinensis; Grave LinesCommunion (New Heavy Sounds)
The Black Shard; Cities of MarsCities of Mars (Ripple Music)
As Fast As Lightning; Kamel ToastProper Milling (Self-Released)
Star Collider; AAWKS (HEAVY ON THE COSMIC) (Black Throne Productions)
Today!; Strange Highways Strange Highways (Self-Released)
Slab City; Near Dusk Through the Cosmic Fog (Iron Head Records)
Bone Dust; The OtolithFolium Limina (Blues Funeral Recordings)
The Pressure’s On; The Hellacopters Eyes of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)

Rubedo; Messa Close (Svart Records)
Boogie Man; Robot GodWorlds Collide (Lunar Mountain Records)
The Unholy Ceremony; Hydra – Beyond Life and Death (Piranha Music)
Deathwish 1970; Ecstatic VisionElusive Mojo (Heavy Psych Sounds)
In A Rainbow With Friends; CB3Exploration (Majestic Mountain Records)
Violate Consensus Reality; PsychonautViolate Consensus Reality (Pelagic Records)
A Million Beers; StönerTotally (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Nordic Funeral; Grave BathersRock ‘n’ Roll Fetish (Seeing Red Records)
White Picket Blues; Black Tongue Reverend All of Them Have Fangs (Self-Released)
Feed On Me; Samsara Joyride Samsara Joyride (Whalesplash Records)

Golden Path; Freebase HyperspacePlanet High (StoneFly Records)
The Universe Is Mine; Cosmic DebrisCosmic Debris (Self-Released)
Stones Blues Machine; GeezerStoned Blues Machine (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Fistful of Grass; Electric Mountain Valley Giant (Electric Valley Records)
Voyager; Sasquatch Fever Fantasy (Mad Oak Records)
Cup O’ Rosie (Just Another Groovy Thing); Blue Rumble Blue Rumble (Self-Released)
Curse the Light; Early MoodsEarly Moods (Ridin’ Easy Records)
Dawn of Days; Bort The Wreck of the Hesperus (Carhole Records)
Notes from the Post Colonial; Troll TeethHanged, Drawn, & Quartered (Electric Talon Records)
Silver; Somali Yacht ClubThe Space (Seasons of Mist)

Dunes of Mars; MezzoaDunes of Mars (Iron Head Records)
The Chariot; Valley of the SunThe Chariot (Ripple Music / Fuzzorama Records)
Voyage\\The Great Sea; The Same River Weight of the World (Sliptrick Records)
Rainbird; PsychlonaPalo Verde (Psycho Waxx)
Planet Cancer; FlummoxRephlummoxed (Needlejuice Records)
Stormbreaker Suite; Behold! The Monolith From the Fathomless Deep (Ripple Music)
The Buck; Blue Heron Ephemeral (Desert Records)
Diamond in the Devil’s Grinder; Greenbeard Variant (Sailor Records)
Of Treachery and Shadows; Everest Queen Murmurations (Trepenation Recordings)
En El Camino; Inche Kai CheInche Kai Che (The Place)

Worship the Void; WarlungVulture’s Paradise (Heavy Psych Sounds)
I’m Still High; Lucid Grave – Cosmic Mountain (Electric Valley Records)
Black Days; El PerroHair Of (Alive Naturalsound)
Keep an Eye on Me; Cachemira Ambos Mundos (Heavy Psych Sounds)
I Revere; Moon Tooth Phototroph (Pure Noise Records)
Run for Your Life; Sun VoyagerSun Voyager (Ripple Music)
Zombie Barricade – Mexicoma Kalpa (Majestic Mountain Records)
Overworlder; Wo FatThe Singularity (Ripple Music)
Pestilence; JIRMThe Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam (Ripple Music)
Desert of Madness; 10’000 Years III (Death Valley Records)

We All Need Rock ‘n’ Roll; Freedom HawkTake All You Can (Ripple Music)
Space; Great Rift Utopia (Stonefree Records)
Revvelator; Red Sun AtacamaD A R W I N (Mrs Red Sound)
Ancestors; SteakAcute Mania (Ripple Music)
See You at the End of the World; Path of Might Deep Chrome (Encapsulated Records)
Regenerator; King BuffaloRegenerator (Stickman Records)
Paradise; Besvärjelsen Atlas (Magnetic Eye Records)
Bull Moose Against the Sky; Caustic Casanova Glass Enclosed Nerve Center (Magnetic Eye Records)
Endless Return; ElderInnate Passage (Stickman Records)
Foreigner; Sergeant Thunderhoof This Sceptred Veil (Pale Wizard Records)

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