Gatekeeper + Sanhedrin Hit The Road!

Yes this might be short notice on my end (after recently decided I would do what little promotion I can for live shows) but rest assured this immensely cool tour has been circulating the social media jungle for some time: as part of their stint in Europe promoting new material, Canada's kings of epic heavy... Continue Reading →

Vol. II: Infernal Death Racket

Well well bloody well. It seems to have come to this: a revival of sorts of my most unholiest moniker; a portal deep into the labyrinthine dungeons of steel and iron and leather and denim. It is a gateway into a dimension so untouched by the likes of Primark and H&M the masses still quiver... Continue Reading →

Vol. I: The Face of Sperm-Encrusted Evil

Autumn beckons. The smiley happy people begin to retreat to their dank and faux-pleasant abodes with their Heart.FM radio blazing out the same forty odes of delirious bullshit written by twenty people and sung by pretty people. Deep under their feet the underground stirs with sounds so nightmarish their skulls would implode if they were... Continue Reading →

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